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This digital registration session will allow you to register your athlete(s), review policies, sign waivers, provide contact information and submit payment online via credit card through our secure site. 
All registrations after November 1st will be due in full.

If you choose not to pay in full today, a deposit of $500 per athlete will be collected during this registration. Additionally, a refundable volunteer deposit* of $250 will be collected for each registered athlete (max of 2). The remaining balance will be automatically charged to your account on November 1, 2021. 

All registrations, including volunteer deposit fees, must be paid in full by the first day of the season or the athlete will not be able to participate.

If you are registering more than one athlete in your family this season, you will receive a 10% discount on each additional athlete's registration fees. In order for the registration system to recognize that your family is registering multiple athletes, you must register all of the athletes during a single registration session.  The system will prompt you to "add another athlete" before you complete the transaction. 

NOTE: a refundable volunteer deposit of $250 will be collected per athlete, but will max out at two athletes or $500. 


DPST partners with Sync Performance to host an online Team Shop where athletes and their families can directly purchase select DPST logo gear. DPST Athletes are not required to purchase a team jacket. Please click this link to view and purchase DPST logo gear from Sync Performance. You will be prompted to provide the following password: dpst21 (all lowercase)
Diamond Peak Season Passes are NOT included in Diamond Peak Ski Team Tuition. Resident DPST team members will receive the current pass pricing at the time of their pass purchase. Non-Residents will be extended the current resident pricing +$10 once registration is complete before the resort opens. For information on pass pricing please visit Diamond Peak Resort.  


All athletes must be a member of US Ski and Snowboard to participate on the Diamond Peak Ski Team. A USSA membership is not included with Diamond Peak Registration. Please visit USSA to create or renew your membership prior to the start of the season. 

Please note the type of membership best suited to your athlete, outlined below. 

  • Option 1 -  GENERAL - Mighty Mites/Shooting Stars/Shredders/All Mountain that do not compete in Tahoe League
  • Option 2 - NON-SCORED ATHLETE  - Tahoe League athletes (including competing Shredders)
  • Option 3 - COMPETITOR - Far West athletes in U Groups
  • Option 6 - ALPINE MASTERS with REQUIREMENTS -  Masters athletes who compete in Far West
  • CLUB VOLUNTEER - Masters athletes who do not compete


Questions: Call 775-832-1176 or email the Team Manager at [email protected]

Athlete Registration Information

Complete the registration form for each athlete one at a time. At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to add additional athletes and complete their registration. 

The following waivers and releases must be reviewed and signed in order to complete registration. 

DPSEF Regular Refund Policy
If an athlete decides to drop from the season before the first day of training (has skied 0 days): 100% refund MINUS $25 administration fee + third-party processing fee.

DP Ski Team Coach decides that the athlete is not a good fit for the ski team within the first two weeks of the program: 85% refund MINUS $25 Administration Fee + third-party processing fee.

If an athlete has attended training and decides to drop from the team BEFORE the 3rd scheduled weekend: 50% refund MINUS $25 administration fee + third-party processing fee.

If an athlete has attended training and then decides to drop from the team AFTER the 3rd scheduled weekend: 0% refund.

COVID-19 Refund Policy
If the 2021-2022 Diamond Peak Ski Team Ski Season is not able to occur due to CDC/State/County/IVGID decisions, DPSEF will issue a full refund (minus third party processing fees) upon official season cancelation. You will have the option to defer your payment toward the 2022-2023 Ski Team Season.

If the 2021-2022 Diamond Peak Ski Team Season is cut short due to CDC/State/County/IVGID reasons and we have completed 2/3 of the season DPSEF will not issue refunds.

If the 2021-2022 Diamond Peak Ski Team Season is cut short due to CDC/State/County/IVGID reasons and we have

Completed 1/3 of season, DPSEF will issue a refund of 50% minus the third-party processing fee. You will have the option to defer your refund towards the 2022-2023 Ski Team Season.

Completed 2/3 of the season, DPSEF will issue a refund of 25% minus the third-party processing fee. You will have the option to defer your refund towards the 2022-2023 Ski Team Season.
U & Masters = 18 weekends in total season
All Mtn Team = 18 weekends in total season
Shredders = 14 weekends in total season
Mighty Mites = 10 weekends in total season

(rev. 06012021)

It is understood that Diamond Peak Ski Team (DPST) or Diamond Peak Ski Resort may furnish first aid care, including, but not limited to, transportation of the injured person to a facility where definitive medical care can be provided at the cost of the individual. The furnishing of such care in no way is an admission of, or assumption of, liability on the part of DPSEF or its officers, agents, or employees. It is understood that DPST or Diamond Peak Ski Resort will attempt to contact the parent/guardian of the minor, if possible, prior to transporting the minor to a physician or medical facility for emergency medical treatment. The undersigned grants permission to any licensed physician and/or medical facility to render emergency medical care to said minor and consents to such treatment.

For valuable consideration, I hereby consent to and authorize the taking, editing, use, publication, sale, and reproduction by DPSEF, or anyone authorized by DPSEF, of all photographs and video recordings taken by DPSEF and anyone authorized by DPSEF, which are taken of me, for any purpose whatsoever without compensation to me. All photos and video files (digital files/negatives together with prints) shall constitute property of DPSEF and/or its contractors, solely and completely.
Privacy disclosure: DPSEF never sells or distributes members' information to any third party.

Diamond Peak Ski Team Code of Conduct

In order to participate in any program of the Diamond Peak Ski Team, it is the responsibility of each athlete to meet the following requirements:
Review, understand, sign and abide by the Code of Conduct
Review and understand the DPST Discipline Plan as outlined in the Code of Conduct.
Abide by the National Ski Area Association Skier’s Responsibility Code.
Be prepared for each training session, including maintenance of all personal ski equipment.
Support and maintain the Mission Vision and Values of Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation
In order for an athlete to participate in any program of the Diamond Peak Ski Team, it is the responsibility of his or her parents to meet the following requirements:
Honor the Volunteer Policy and pay tuition and fees when due.
Reimburse DPST for racer’s costs of racing and travel (if applicable) on a timely basis.
Make sure your child (if applicable) has suitable travel and lodging arrangements.
Review, understand, sign, and abide by the Code of Conduct.

DPST members, including athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, and are responsible for actions in competitions, going to and from competitions, and while at areas hosting competitions as well as at our home ski area. Members are also responsible for knowledge of competition rules and procedures. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification from an event and participation in future events.

DPST athletes will show respect for competition officials, ski area employees, facilities, property, operating procedures, and the skiing and snowboarding public. DPST athletes will exhibit courtesy and good manners, responsible behavior, and mature conduct and not use profane or abusive language. Our athletes will obey “Closed Area” signs. DPST athletes will abstain from illegal use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Our members will demonstrate their respect for their sport and others by attending awards ceremonies and receptions whenever appropriate.

This Code of Conduct parallels the USSA Code of Conduct and applies to all athletes, coaches, parents, and officials of the Diamond Peak Ski Team. Courteous, respectful, responsible, ethical, and sportsmanlike conduct is always expected from all team members, whether at home or at away races on and off all ski mountains.

Code of Conduct violations include, but are not limited to:
Unsafe behavior could threaten the safety of anyone at the ski area. Example: Reckless skiing or jumping, bouncing on or jumping from ski lifts, spearing with poles, throwing equipment.
Willful defiance - continued backtalk to coaches, race officials, and volunteers.
Breaking travel curfew rules as set forth by coach, guardian, or chaperones.
Profanity in any form at any time.
Illegal use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

DPST Discipline Plan
1st Violation: Verbal warnings may be given prior to written violations to provide time for voluntary corrective action. If unsuccessful, a written warning detailing the problem and the next step of action to be taken will be sent to parents. Skiers can return to team activities only after the coach and parents communicate and the written warning is signed by parents and returned to the coach.

2nd Violation: Written notice of continuing problem sent to parents and simultaneously skier will be suspended from all team activities until coach, skier, and parent meet, or at minimum, coach and parent discuss a solution to a continuing problem.
3rd Violation: Indefinite suspension from team activities and return of loaned equipment. Coach and parent communicate and determine the final action plan for the skier including whether or not the skier will continue to be a member of the Diamond Peak Ski Team. If an athlete is removed from the team, registration and volunteer fees will not be refunded.
Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the penalty for the first violation may be escalated by the Program Director or the Board of Directors to either 2nd or 3rd violation consequences.

Actions taken on the policies of the Diamond Peak Ski Team are subject to coaches’ discretion and can be appealed to by parents and skiers. An appeal requires a meeting with the involved coach, team manager, parent, and skier.

I have read and understood the DPST Code of Conduct. I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the above and agree to abide by the rules and policies set forth.

This disclaimer governs the use of our newsletter. Through registration for the Diamond Peak Ski Team, you agree to sign up for the newsletter. We do not share your private information with any third parties.

We, the undersigned parents or legal guardians of the above-named athlete who is under the age of 18 years (“Athlete”), have read U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (“MAAPP”) (available at and hereby authorize and consent to the Applicable Adults, who are DPST coaches or athletic trainers, to provide to Athlete individual training session that is not observable and interruptible by another adult for the 2021-2022 training and competitive season.

Parent/Guardian or Emergency Contact Information 1

Parent/Guardian or Emergency Contact Information 2

A refundable $250 fee applies to the first two athletes enrolled, per family. The deposit is refundable based on volunteer hours served. 


Can You Make A Donation To The Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation? 

DPSEEF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a year-round program to develop each athlete's skill, grit, and integrity, and to inspire and empower each of their athletes to achieve their personal goals in athletics and in life. Athlete tuition covers only about 60% of the team’s operating expenses. The remainder of the funds come through generous donors and fundraising, including our chairlift sponsorship program, Ullr Fest, and hosted Ski Races at Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

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